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Bryson DeChambeau Has Obliterated Another Golf Ball on #6 At Bay Hill

My oh my what another blast from the big fella. So incredibly fun to stand behind that tee box for half a dozen groups and watch all of them play the hole in a completely different manner and then watch Bryson step up there and redefine the hole. Scene wasn’t quite as rowdy today with how much was on the line but it felt like the entire gallery was there on that hole.

Some may get on his case for not going right at the green today but in a co-lead and with a far right pin that was probably the percentage play. Still wildly impressive and you don’t get a full appreciation until you’re there watching it.

Also Lee Westwood having some fun with it was so terrific.

He’s always been a real one and it’s easy to root for the guy. Should be a fantastic finish at Bay Hill.