Amanda Nunes Makes Easy Work Of Megan Anderson, Taps Her Out In The First

Welp. I don't even know what to say about that one.

Amanda Nunes plays the game of MMA on easy difficulty. It's just not even a challenge for her in the slightest anymore. She just went in there and did exactly what everyone said she would, and made INCREDIBLY light work of Megan Anderson. 

According to her interview with Joe Rogan after the fight, she's only getting stronger, too, because of "Mom Strength"....

If that winds up even being 1% true, that is terrfying.

Who knows what's next for Nunes - she's cleared out BOTH of her divisions completely. True GOAT shit right there.

Oh, and to #DaddyGang member Megan Anderson....


You're still #1 in our hearts.