UFC Fighter Tim Elliott Accusses Opponent Jordan Espinosa Of Being A "Woman Beater" Mid-Fight

Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier, and Jon Anik all of a sudden:

I didn't realize this dialogue happened earlier in the night (possibly because most of the exchange got muted on live television), hence the late blog on it, but god damn - what an insane conversation to go down in the middle of the octagon. 

“I heard you choked a girl in 2018. You little woman beater? You a little fuckin' woman beater? She messaged me." -Elliot

“Did she? You don’t know the whole story," -Espinosa 

"I know enough," -Elliott 

“You don’t know shit," -Espinosa 

I don't know anything about the validity of Tim Elliott's claims, but "I know enough," was some Batman shit to say right there, was it not? I felt that in my soul.

If Elliott's claim is true - and I'm sorta leaning on it being true, considering Espinosa's response was, "You don't know the WHOLE story," - good for him. I love seeing shitty people get their ass kicked. 

If NOT, then I feel pretty damn horrible for Jordan Espinosa for getting accused of such a thing while getting his ass kicked on national television. That's just an all time trifecta of shit you DON'T want happening to you on a Saturday night.