Another Vicious Knockout! They Just Keep Comin At UFC 259!

We're five fights into the card at UFC 259 right now and the judges haven't been necessary for any of 'em!!! We don't need the judges tonight!!! Fuck 'em!!! Everyone's either gettin knockout out or choked out in Vegas!

Our latest highlight reel finish comes from Kennedy Nzechukwu, and was easily the most vicious knockout of the night so far. 


When this fight started, it was ALLLLL Carlos Ulberg - it looked like he coulda finished Nzechukwu inside the first minute, really….

Ulberg mighta poured it on a little TOO MUCH in the first round, though, because by the time he came out for the second and Kennedy had weathered his storm, he was gassed, all bets were off, and these boys were fightin like they were in a schoolyard brawl, as this Twitter user said…

By the end of the fight, Ulberg foolishly dropped his hands completely, and one shot landing in the middle of a WILD Nzechukwu flurry was all it took.

What a card we've had so far!!! Living up to the hype!