Whit Merrifield Was Mic'd Up Vs Clayton Kershaw And Showed Us How Hard It Is To Hit Against The Legend

Standing in the batters box vs Clayton Kershaw must be terrifying. Like legitimately scary. Now imagine getting up there and you have an AirPod in your ear and have talking heads chatting to you. You're trying to figure out if he's gonna fire a fastball in there, drop his patented curveball in your kitchen, or toss that slider to you. It's hard enough to hit him without trying to have a conversation with someone on live TV. Doesn't seem like it bothered Whit Merrifield though. 

Merrifield is probably one of the more underrated players in baseball, the guy is a hell of a hitter on a team with a few nice pieces. Tough at-bat to start. Fastball right off the bat in the zone for strike 1, good take by Whit. Second pitch was a filthy slider that Whit flails at and whiffs. Really good pitch. All while the people in the booth are picking his brain, he's trying not to embarrass himself. Takes the third pitch and applauds himself a little, have to give him credit for not swinging at that one. Next pitch he launches into deep left field, almost a bomb and Whit gets a standup double. 

Literally said he was going to have a good at-bat after going 0-2 and he comes through. Would have loved to hear more of what he was thinking and what was going on in his head as he looked at the best pitcher of our generation. And to finish the at-bat with a rocket like that must feel awesome. Again it's hard enough to hit off Clayton, let alone had 3 people chatting you up while you're trying to not fall out of your shoes swinging at a curveball. Baseball is the best, and it's even better when it's mic'd up and we get to hear stuff like this.