Baltimore Strippers Won In Court That Strip Clubs Being Closed Violated Their First Amendment Rights So Now They Are Back In Action

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Sun - Baltimore’s strippers can return to their poles after prevailing in a fight against a city ban on adult entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic.

Democratic Mayor Brandon Scott agreed to lift the ban, according to the attorneys who filed a lawsuit against the city last week on behalf of TC Entertainment, owner of The Penthouse Club.

That suit, filed in federal court, alleged the club’s First Amendment right to free speech was violated by the ban.

“The Penthouse Club is thrilled to be resuming live adult entertainment, and is ecstatic that their staff members will once again be able to return to work,” Saller said Wednesday night.

In their lawsuit, attorneys for the Penthouse Club argued that it was unfairly targeted based on the type of service it provides.

“The [executive order] specifically, and unabashedly targets adult entertainment venues,” the lawsuit states. “There is not even an attempt to cloak the [executive order] with any other meaning. All live entertainment is permitted except adult entertainment venues.”

Clutching signs and bullhorns, the group chanted “Who are we? Strippers! … What do we want? Our jobs back!”


Justice prevails!!!! What a feel good story to take us into the weekend. Having just watched "Spotlight" again last night, the criminal justice system is heavy on my mind right now. Sometimes people don't get a fair shake, and it just ain't right. But thankfully Baltimore's strippers all came together and fought for their First Amendment right to free speech, and had their ban overturned. BOOM!

A lot of jobs were lost due to the pandemic. Some we don't even realize. Strippers were making great livings before the shutdown. I fear some might never return to stripping, and that saddens me. All they wanted to do was dance on the pole, flap those cheeks in the wind, and satisfy some guys who some extra money burning a hole in their pocket. It's all they wanted. Not asking for a lot. Teachers want to teach. Bloggers want to blog. And strippers want to perform. It'd be like taking the paint brush out of Picasso's hand. 

Thankfully, they won. They are back. Turn up Whitesnake and pull down your britches, the girls are back on their poles and the nation shines once again.