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As The NFL Nears The End Of Its Investigation Against Daniel Snyder, *Someone* (wink wink) Is Buying Facebook Ads Promoting What A Great Guy He Is, As He Tries To Rehabilitate His Image Despite The Fact He's One Of The Worst Human Beings To Ever Live



This is great stuff from Michael Phillips. As the NFL's investigation into Daniel Snyder's horrific ownership of the WFT is nearing an end, with rumors circulated the recommendation will be for him to sell the team, Snyder is now trying to magically fix his reputation by...buying Facebook ads that go to a fugazzi website that says what a great guy Daniel Snyder is.

Richmond Times - Snyder has now filed lawsuits in at least three states and two countries, many of them aimed at obtaining information about which of his former employees shared the stories that ended up in a series of Washington Post exposés about sexual misconduct among senior staffers.

The women who came forward with those stories have also reported receiving visits from private investigators who claim to have been hired by Snyder.

Snyder and the team also reached a confidential settlement with members of the cheerleading squad after the Washington Post obtained an internal team video showing the cheerleaders not fully clothed at a photo shoot.

The efforts have also included a public relations blitz on his behalf - Facebook ads have been purchased that promote an article on a website named "NYCTalk.org" that lauds his charitable involvement. The website is not updated regularly, does not have any contact information, and its domain is registered privately.

These efforts take place as attorney Beth Wilkinson nears the finish line on an independent investigation of Snyder and his time as owner.


I mean how much more pathetic can Daniel Snyder get? He's the worst billionaire ever. But this is how he's always been. He's always taught a master class in how not to handle yourself publicly. From suing old ladies, gouging fans by nickel and diming us, giving apples to employees instead of Christmas bonuses, and then the more serious allegations involving the cheerleaders and the systemic sexual harassment issues within the organization, Dan Snyder is a beacon of all that is wrong with the world.

We can only hope the investigation shows that Dan knew about everything that went on in his organization (Nate Note: I 100% believe he did, but it has to be proven. Like in Spotlight, you just have to get the stone cold proof.) and was complacent with it. Then 2/3s of the team owners need to agree to vote for him to sell. I don't know if it'll get there, but man, we're getting close. I think it's 50/50 at this point, and nuts to noogies I say he's done. I don't know if I actually believe that because he always seems to weasel his way out of everything. This feels different, but the question is, does it matter? We'll find out soon, I suppose.