Ike Taylor Says Big Ben Needs To "Change His Ways" As A QB In 2021

Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers announced his return in 2021 on Thursday. They came to agreement on a new 1-year deal worth $14 million saving the team a bit of money on the cap space heading into the season. 

The questions since January have finally been put to rest. Like it or not, Big Ben is going to be the quarterback for the Steelers at least in 2021. Who knows about after that. With that news of course I had to bring on two former teammates of Big Ben's in Willie Colon and Ike Taylor to talk about the news and what it means for Pittsburgh. 

Ike T has been on record saying he thinks Ben should retire, but now that he's officially back for 2021, the former Steelers corner says he needs to see something different out of "7". 

"I think 7 just has to change his ways. I think 7 has to go back to understand how we (the Steelers) won Super Bowls with a good defense and good running game. I think 7 had enough years of passing, but if you like at guys who make these playoff runs, and 7 should know, man when you get to the playoffs you gotta have some kind of run game. You gotta have some kind of identity," Taylor said.

Then Ike dropped a really painful reality on all of us in Steeler nation. 

"What the Cleveland Browns did to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs last year, that's what I expected the Pittsburgh Steelers to do to anybody else, but they didn't have that"

He's definitely not wrong at all in terms of needing to be better running the ball. The Steelers were putrid running the ball in 2020. Absolutely horrible. Like Coach T always says "if you can't gain a yard you don't deserve to win" and unfortunately that happened way more often than not down the stretch. 

The issue the last six weeks for the Steelers offense, besides the drops, wasn't that Big Ben couldn't play. It was that once teams started adjusting to the pass-first, quick passing game from Pittsburgh, the Steelers needed to be able to counter with shoving it down teams throats until they could open up the air game again. 

They just could not do that for the sake of their lives. 

Now how is that fixed? Drafting line heavy? Snagging Najee Harris or Travis Etienne if they're there? A little bit of both would definitely be welcomed, but Ike T says that Big Ben has to want to get back to those ways first before Pittsburgh as an organization commits to that. 

One thing is for sure and it's that it doesn't just fall on Big Ben, the o-line, or the running back. Gotta be collective in order to right this ship and get the ground game going once again in the Burgh. 

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