Here's What Happens When Dwayne "The Cowboy" Robertson Is Your Favorite Hockey Player Growing Up

This isn't a hockey game. It's a circus. 

We've seen plenty of moments from The Mighty Ducks Trilogy bleed over into actual hockey. We've seen teams use some form of the Flying V before, whether on purpose or just accidentally. We've seen the Triple Deke. We've seen a few accidental knuckle pucks. But in all my years of watching both actual hockey and The Mighty Ducks, never before have I seen anybody actually take a lasso out onto the ice. Until now. 

And just like the Cowboy himself, this fella's got a slick pair of mitts on him. 

Sidenote: Are we entirely sure that Dwayne Robertson didn't grow up to be Evgeni Malkin? Has anybody ever seen the two of them in the same place at the same time?

But anyway, I'd say the most impressive part of that video is the fact that our guy is out there buzzing around in a pair of cowboy boots with some skate holders riveted on there. I've never worn a pair of cowboy boots before but I figured this man's ankles would have shattered into a million pieces the moment he tried to stop in them. Guess not. Yee haw.