Phil Hellmuth Is On The Wrong Side Of One Of The Greatest Folds In Televised Poker History


Honestly, that's just fucking disgusting. Doug had no business folding there. None at all. I would have done a triple backflip while rubbing my nipples while calling the priciest hooker in all of Las Vegas before slam dunking the chips into the middle. But I guess that's why I'm me and Doug is Doug, because somehow someway he was able to lay down the 2nd nuts here.



Now, Phil could have played it better. Shoving there is pretty reckless, but it's not the shove that did him in, it was the table talk. Phil, just stop talking!!! "I could have a set" aka I definitely do not have a set. He convinced Doug he had the QT and was scared of him getting there on backdoor draws (ATss, KQss, or if Doug had a set and hit a backdoor full house). 

It seems like an obvious call because Phil is a notoriously tight player, so you never expect him to have QT there, but Doug sniffed it out. Just an absurd hand and amazing lay down.