We Had An All-Time Gutting Price Is Right Showcase Moment

3 DOLLARS. 300 pennies. One millisecond of that LeBron James Topshot dunk that sold for about a quarter milly. Okay you get the point. Just an absolutely heartbreaking moment to happen because of such a measly amount of money. Not only did Jennifer miss out on her showcase (video camera, TV, 4 recliners, and a braaaaand newwwww carrrr) because of three bucks but she also missed out on taking home Robert's showcase as well (Hiking gear, a trip to Alaska, and a new Jeep) as well as the swagger that comes with one of the few people to come so close to their showcase price that they win the whole damn thing. As an immortal unit once said, heroes get remembered by legends never die.

But that's the way the cookie crumbles on Price Is Right where you are throwing out slightly educated guesses on the suggested retail prices of a bunch of shit you would never buy and being even a penny over the target is just as bad as guessing nothing at all. Once everything was said and done, Jennifer got to walk home with the record player, the $250 she won earlier in the game, and a front seat ticket to see that mamaluke Robert celebrate his winnings after being more than $6000 off on the winning bid.

I believe that's what the kids these days call "Pain." 

If you need something to bring you down from the Friday high or simply revel in other peoples' misery, here are some more classic overbid moments in Price Is Right history.