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Is Glenny Balls Secretly Becoming A DIVA?

12th place in fan voting. 12th!!! That's unacceptable. We're even one seat behind the likes of Cheatin' Cons and Brilliant Kayce…might as well be a BILLION seats! But why? Tommy and I sat down with Jeff D. Loads to find out the reason for our shocking unlikability: 

BALLS! Of course it's because Glenny's a DIVA of a dick! It can't be fans of The Dozen didn't vote Uptown Balls because I'm an unlikable, borderline illiterate Blockhead Hardo and Tommy movements are like an insect trapped in a human body. It's all about the Balls, baby. All about the Balls. And you know what? That's exactly the way it should be. 

Long Live King Balls! 

White Sox Dave and I are live now to discuss this and more. Come thru: