The Barstool Fund - Sanford Lake Bar and Grill (Thanks To Penn National Gaming)

Thank you to Penn National Gaming for their donation to cover our next business… Sanford Lake Bar and Grill (Sanford, MI).

A local favorite for many years, the Sanford Lake Bar and Grill is the perfect place to enjoy some cold drinks and good food with friends and family. You have to try the homemade jerky, lobster bisque, buffalo burger and lake perch sandwich.



Reader Email

This business began in the 1930's. My wife and I have owned it for 33 years. Our claim to fame is fresh great lakes yellow perch but our menu has a wide variety. We recently won 17 awards in "Midland Areas Best". Beverages include soft drinks, cocktails, beer & wine (including craft beers) and food and beverage take-out. Both of us work daily and many hours per week along with our dedicated and valued staff. The pandemic has temporarily or permanently closed several businesses locally, the flood affected others. Several moved into the city of Midland for a fresh start. We feel an obligation to this community and our employees & continue to remain open but with loss of our lake we must 're-invent' our business. During December, January and until 25% indoor seating reinstated we utilized ice shanties, a 20 seat canvas enclosure and allowed customers to bring their own shanties, we gave service to them all. (for a peek at or inside shantys click here: The continued support of the area (overwhelming) has made it possible despite the pandemic. Any help from Barstool Fund would be greatly appreciated and help make it possible to retain our dedicated and valued staff. Thank you for your consideration - we applaud the effort & relief that you've given to help so many small businesses in dire straits.