BBC Earth Video Of The Day - Who Knew Iguanas Can Swim?

WOULD YA LOOK AT THAT? What a villain to hero story going on here with these iguanas. When I first saw that reptilian little asshole trying to steal some food from that nice fella in the flamingo family I'll shoot you straight - I was angry. It's the same anger I feel when I'm watching Survivor and someone tries to steal a hidden immunity idol clue from someone else...the clue belongs to the person who found it and that is IT. That's the end of story!! And the same thing should be happening here with the iguana and hybrid flamingo. Kind've a dick move by the Iguana to come over and tried to steal their food. Either way, great defense by the friend of the flamingo.

But like I said this villain would soon become a hero. These iguanas would soon jump into the water and become fucking pimps. Who the hell knew iguanas can swim?!?!?!? I had no idea. And it's not their swimming in a little pond! They are swimming in the fucking ocean. The FUCKING OCEAN! I'm scared to swim in the goddamn ocean and I got these little iguanas just dunking on me. Truly impressive stuff. Marine Iguanas need to find a spot in the Animal Hall of Fame.