A Leaked Report Is Saying The NFL's Investigation Will Recommend Dan Snyder Sell The Washington Football Team



Ok. Whew. This is a lot and a little at the same time. I'm being very trepidatious about this report because if it's correct it's the best news of my life, and if it's wrong I don't want to get my hopes up too high only for them to get shattered into a million pieces. So I'm just typing what I'm reading- if true, the NFL will recommend Dan Snyder sell the team. If the NFL chooses not to do that, they will recommend a suspension, which obviously is pointless. I would say its "better than nothing" but the mass difference in forcing a sell and merely suspending him is apples and oranges. It's the difference between the best day of my life and another worthless gesture. The difference between a parade down Main Street and sitting on my couch watching TV.

We're just going to have to wait and see if anything comes from this report. So far, its been shut down and called inaccurate 



but obviously there's no reason for them to say anything otherwise.

So we'll wait and see. 

And yes, I do think Bezos is pulling every string he can right now, trying to get Snyder to sell. I've seen plenty of TV shows, I know how these backdoor deals work. There's more to everything than meets the eye, especially when dealing with billionaires. So…now we wait.