Scottish Model Who Offered Every Player On Rangers A Subscription To Her OnlyFans, Got Banned From Tinder After 1 Day On The App

[Source] - Lana Wolf said she downloaded the dating app but was kicked off after just one night, before she had even spoken to any matches.  The adult star, who recently promised an X-rated celebration if her team wins the Scottish Premiership title, believes a user reported her profile as being “fake”.

She told her followers she had been banned during a question and answer session on Instagram.

Lana, one of Rangers’ biggest fans, said: “Honestly, I have got no clue.

“I went on, posted two pictures of me fully clothed, didn’t attach my Instagram or anything like that.

How will Lana Wolf ever find love now? She got banned from Tinder after ONE day. There goes any shot she has of ever talking to a guy. I mean I can't imagine her at a bar and a guy ever wanting to talk. Nope. Not one bit. She didn't even link her Instagram to Tinder! Honestly, kind of a dumb move by her though because she only has 39k followers on there. Get that up to 100k, Lana. 

Now we've seen this before when a Chicago model was banned for being too hot: 

To be fair, she is ridiculously hot. Lana got banned because someone reported her as fake? I don't see *one* fake thing about her! 



Go ahead I dare you to find just one fake thing. I can't. That's on you Tinder. Plus, how can you ban someone who has plenty of naughty thoughts on what to do if Rangers wins the Scottish Premier League? What about how she's such a team player she offered every single player a subscription to her OnlyFans. You're banning a die hard fan! 

"I have been asked many times what my plans are when we win 55. One fan has suggested I run around George Square naked.

"I am still unsure what I will do but I promise it will be good. I have so many naughty ideas it's going to be hard to choose. Who knows, I might do them all."

Lana added: "Of course, I'm still offering the team a free lifetime subscription to my OnlyFans page (to those who haven't claimed it already.)

Now I gotta admit I'm not too familiar with the relationship apps. I'm older and they came out after I was already dating my now wife. But who the fuck reports someone for being fake? That's a thing? Feels like that's either a super petty or weird thing to do. Is there another app she can go to? I'm not talking Bumble or Hinge or something like that. Something like super secret that only OnlyFans models and people like that go to. Not everyday people. 

Oh and Go Rangers, I guess.