Weird Baseball Injuries Have Already Begun. Spencer Torkelson Sliced His Finger Open Making Dinner For The Boys

No sport does weird injuries like baseball does. Ned Yost falling out of his tree stand and breaking his hip, Marty Cordova falling asleep in a tanning bed, Sammy Sosa sneezing and going on the DL, Joel Zumaya straining his forearm from too much guitar hero, the list goes on and on. Well we can add Tigers soon to be slugger Spencer Torkelson to the list. Last week it came out he cut his index finger and was going to miss a few days. Well we got the story now, he told reporters this week that it was his night to make dinner and was preparing a corn salsa for the boys. No can opener in their Airbnb and they tried to improvise and it did not go well. A cut and a few stitches on the finger of Tork. I'm sure A.J. Hinch was not thrilled with the Airbnb not being fully equipped and having his stud hitter slice open his finger. Tork said that there was a Walmart just 5 minutes away and that probably should have been the right move rather than taking a knife or scissors trying to cut open the can. He's fine though, he played on Wednesday and worked a nice walk, so the finger is fine. I'm sure the corn salsa had to be delayed though, can't be eating that with your buddies blood all in it, not a good look. Maybe take Tork off dinner duty until after spring training.