Texas Tech Student Manager Gets Eligible THIS MORNING, Checks In On Senior Night And Immediately Gets The Crowd Going By Taking A Charge

Ty Larson - I'm assuming that's how you spell it because he's not even listed on Texas Tech's roster - welcome to senior night viral videos. As I said the man isn't listed on Texas Tech's roster online or in the team picture because he's a student manager who became eligible THIS MORNING. No idea how that happened. But what does he do? My least favorite play in sports but we'll make an exception here. Too many times now the Senior Night story is the kid coming in and hitting a bunch of threes. Someone like Snacks for instance, who stole our hearts last year: 

You see we're out here talking about Chris Beard and Texas Tech. It's only fitting for him to take a charge and have it immediately blowup Twitter. More importantly it's only fitting it helps keep the game under 

Have a damn night Ty Larson. That man is going to have a NIGHT in Lubbock.