24 Good Movies And 6 Good Shows You Can Stream Right Now

1. The Pursuit of Happyness - (Rating): I think this movie kind of gets overlooked in the Will Smith filmography. He is awesome in this movie, and it is there if you are in the mood for a good cry. 

2. Uncut Gems - (Rating): I understand why people don't like this movie. Trust me. I still think this is a fantastic movie that is basically the definition of anxiety. We also interviewed the Safdie Brothers, who directed the movie, about it if you want to hear some of their reasoning behind having a Mohegan Sun Sportsbook. 

3. Shot Caller - (Rating): More people have to watch this movie. It's Jamie Lannister in a prison redemption story/action thriller with some killer action. It also has Jon Bernthal and Jeffrey Donovan, who I'm a big fan of. It might be a little cookie cutter, but damn, there are some really great scenes that stand out against the slop. 

4. The Death of Stalin - (Rating): My good friend Large was just talking about this movie with me, which reminded me of how great it was. In fact, it's my #51 best movie of all time. Super funny with fantastic performances across the board. If you're a fan of black comedy, it is must-watch. 

5. Pacific Rim: The Black (New Anime Series): I'm about 3 episodes deep in to this and enjoying it quite a bit! I'm a big fan of Pacific Rim and the Mech suit genre in general, and this show has taken good advantage of what an animated series can offer vs live-action. You might be a huge anime hater reading this and saying "fuck u kenjac u otaku loser". Let me say this, it's definitly not anime anime. 

1. LotR Return of the King (Extended Edition) - (Rating): It's just more of the universally loved movie that closed out the best movie trilogy of all time. As a huge LotR guy who already has the extendos on blu-ray, I'm pumped to see the general public finally get a chance to watch even one of these without having to cross the $75 box set barrier. 


2. Blade - (Rating): One of the few pre-MCU comic book movies that stands out as being pretty solid, Blade still bangs. With Mahershala Ali's version in development as we speak, there is no better time to catch up on the legend. 

3. Victory - (N/A): Escape to Victory is one of the few soccer movies you'll see period, but especially pre 1990. It has a still-relevant cast of Stalone, Michael Caine, Pele, and Max Von Sydow(RIP). It's a little cheesy, but I think it will suprise you. 

4. Prometheus - (Rating): People shit on this movie because it obviously didn't live up to expectations. I still think that if you take away the context of the Alien movies, which I understand is hard to do, that it is a solid space-horror movie with some solid suspense, effects and a killer soundtrack. 

5. Best in Show - (Rating): A few weeks ago we were talking about this movie in the office and a surprisingly few number of people had watched it. It is very solid comedy that holds up well, especially in the mockumentary genre. Is it a prequel to Schitt's Creek? Tough to say!

6. This is Spinal Tap - (Rating): Speaking of Christopher Guest mockumentaries, 'This is Spinal Tap' may be the best. A must-watch in my cinematic opinion. 

7. Happy Gilmore - (Rating): All that talk about Adam Sandler on the last episode of Dog Walk mostly served as a reminder to check out his classics again. This movie never fails to earn a cheap laugh. 

8. Spirited Away - (Rating): One of the greatest animated movies ever made, PERIOD. The best Studio G movie blends incredible animation, an easy, engaging storyline and phenomenal voice work. 

9. I Know This Much is True - (Mini-Series): Mark Ruffalo just picked up a well earned Globe win for this series. It's not the greatest thing of all time, but he is really good in both roles in a very layered storyline. 

10. Barry - (Series): It is very hard for me to scroll past Barry and not pick it for a streaming recommendation. You just HAVE to watch it. Hader is incredible, the storyline is outstanding and NoHo Hank is perhaps the best side character in HBO history. 


1. Nomadland - (Rating): I'm gonna continue to recommend this movie until the Oscars hit. If you watched the globes, you know that it cleaned up across it's nominated categories. You may as well check it out now so you know what all the hype is for. 

2.  Dredd - (Rating): Dredd is not only much better than 'Judge Dredd', it is independently great. Outstanding action with really interesting use of SloMo. Also, Lena Heady's bad guy in this (Ma) may be an even better villain than Cersei. 

3. The Nice Guys - (Rating): Just like with Barry earlier, it is very hard for me to scroll past this without recommending it. Gosling and Crowe have phenomenal chemistry, which makes what is already a great comedy even better. 

4. Young Frankenstein - (Rating): An all time comedy classic that should always, always be on your watch list. 

5. Superstore - (Series): I tweeted before how I think this show is underrated, and I honestly think it is shocking how underrated it is. I know people haven't dug the last season, but the first few seasons are really hysterical television. If you, like me, have ever worked in retail, you should really watch it. Give it a few episodes to get going so all the main and side characters get established and thank me later.

1. Blow the Man Down - (Rating): I know I'm recommending maybe a bit too many things that are black comedy/black comedy adjacent, but this is really worth your time. It's super unique and very witty, which is right up my ally. 

2. Accepted - (Rating): No, it's not a perfect movie. But I'm ride or die for South Harmon Institute of Tech. In fact, it may or may not have been my inspiration for making PISS the official stats group for LCB maps!

3. The Lost City of Z - (Rating): I'm warning you right now, this is a slow burn. If that is not your bag, keep scrolling. For those of you that can handle this sort of thing, you should really check this out. It's beautiful, mysterious and honestly the best Charlie Hunnam big screen dramatic performance. 

4. Inside Llewyn Davis - (Ratings): Whether you're a fan of the Cohen Brothers, Oscar Isaac, movies about music or all of the above, this is a fantastic movie to watch. 

5. Patriot - (Show): This show really came out of nowhere and surprised me a lot. It's a little slow at times, but I really love the dialogue in this movie. I'd argue it goes toe-to-toe with some of the best TV out there right now. Imagine 'In Bruges', but stretched out. 


1. Free Solo - (N/A): One of the most thrilling documentaries I have ever seen in my life. This might be because I am horrified of heights, but I was sweating bullets throughout my entire first watch. If you like climbing, man-vs-nature or honestly just witnessing miracles, check it out. 

2. National Treasure - (Rating): I'm not pitching you on arguably the greatest movie of ALL TIME. 

3. Pirates of the Caribbean - (Rating): Every now and then I forget that this is streaming on Disney+. Honestly, it may be one of the better pure adventure movies you'll ever see. 

4. Holes - (Rating): This is always there for a solid nostalgia watch. I honestly can't even count how many times I have seen this throughout my childhood. 

5. WandaVision (Series): The finale dropped today, making it the final time that the show occupies the permanent Disney+ series spot. It's different from anything Marvel has ever done which should be reason enough to check it out.