A Woman Arrested In Oklahoma After Police Traced Her Down Thanks To...Cheeto Dust

An Oklahoma woman was arrested in connection to an attempted home burglary after police found Cheetos residue on her teeth, authorities said Monday.

The incident happened around 8 p.m. Friday at a Tulsa home, police said. A woman at the residence told responding officers that she was home with two small children when a woman climbed inside through a window.

However, the suspect left behind a bag of Cheetos and a bottle of water on the floor near the open window.

The suspect, identified as Sharon Carr, was found with residue from the snack still on her teeth, police said. She was arrested and faces charges of first-degree burglary.

I am sure this woman in Oklahoma who is now facing 1st degree burglary charges was just minding her own business and listening to the dogwalk road trip snake draft. She was probably sitting there thinking "Hey, I think WSD is right". WRONG. You're going to 3 to 12 years in an Oklahoma State correctional facility. That's what you get when you side with WSD. This is proof that WSD was wrong once and for all. There's no way this woman gets caught if she just ate a normal snack like peanuts or even doritos before breaking into this house through the window. ZERO. There's only one snack that leaves dust that is sticky and plentiful enough to get you linked to a crime. You don't even need ink when you bring her into jail to do the finger prints. Just roll her nasty red and orange dusty saliva fingers on the paper and have her call a lawyer because this is an open and shut case. You opened the wrong bag and then you couldn't secure it. 

In all seriousness come this woman couldn't talk her way out of this. Just like...lie more. As in like maybe three sentences more. That's all it'll take. Listen officer, last time I checked lots of people eat cheetos. That's not a crime. Tell them you ALWAYS eat cheetos. There's always cheetoh doo doo dust on your person because they're so delicious. This is the ultimate circumstantial evidence. They'd have nothing. Instead...she's going to court where doodoo fingers are going to match her jumpsuit. That's a shame, but she should learn her lesson and eat Cheez-itz like an adult.