Fact: White Sox Fans Drink More Than Any Other Fanbase


Chicago’s “South Siders” have been known to get a little rowdy, so it might not be a surprise that the White Sox rank No. 1 on our list of MLB fans who drink the most. According to respondents, White Sox fans drink an average of 4.2 alcoholic beverages per game and outrank their crosstown rivals, the Chicago Cubs, who rank No. 14 on our list.

BOOM!!!! Chalk up another W for the South Siders, and this one should come as no shock to anyone. Look, drinking a ton of beer is the absolute coolest thing you can do. It makes you look smart, more attractive than you actually are, and just flat out bad ass. That's why White Sox fans are also the smartest fans in baseball too, we just drink a lot of beer.  Take that Cubs fans, you bitches. Yankees fans? Red Sox fans? You're all a bunch of lames. Fuck all of you. 

Kidding. Sort of. We do like to get after it at Sox games, and I know this isn't taken into account in the above "research" but Sox Park (Comiskey, Cominskey, Guaranteed Rate, the G Spot, etc.) is one of the few parks in baseball one can tailgate at from my understanding. There are like 3-4 bars within walking distance from the stadium, and that's if you count Chisox Bar and Grill, which directly feeds the team, so I don't even know if I want to count it. Basically all we got is Cork and Kerry's, Turtle's and Shinnick's and that's it. That's why we tailgate and tailgate hard as fuck. There is NOTHING better than tailgating at a Sox game on a hot Saturday afternoon before a night game in the summertime. Get there early, post up in Lot B and you got the Sox on 35th guys blasting their tailgate mixes on the loud speakers, the On Tap guys forcing Malort down your gullet, and the 108 guys supplying all of the Marlboro Reds:

It's pure, unadulterated bliss, and we take pride in it. I'm guessing the ability to tailgate and get lubed up prior to entering the stadium has a LOT to do with the fact that we're much looser with our money, leading us to the top of this list. $50 obviously doesn't go a long way at a baseball game but when you're drunk it's all like "whatever let's keep this thing going".

Oh and that fact that up until like... 2019 (I'll give them that year) there hasn't been anything worth really watching on the field. All we had to do at Sox games was commiserate in misery while drinking as much booze as possible.

I... WE miss it so goddamn much. I cannot wait to see you beautiful drunken assholes again soon.