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Emergency Press Confernce - Chris Mortensen Confirms It Was Mike Kensil Behind Deflategate All Along



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I knew it!  It was Kensil all along!   It was Kensil all along! And in case you forgot who Mike Kensil is here is a refresher when I told you Kensil was the rat that was behind this in January. My only question is why did Mort back out of D+C today?  Dude Kensil used you like a used condom.  He probably gave you a few real tips just to set you up for this and you never saw it coming. He ruined your reputation and your career.  You’re a joke now.  A pawn.  Oh you didn’t think D+C wanted to talk about Deflategate?  Really you fucking idiot?  How stupid is Chris Mortensen?   Wake up dude. Your report started this whole made up debacle and you’ve never owned it. Be a man for me 1 time you coward.

This also answers why the NFL never corrected Chris Mortensen’s report.  Why correct a report that you intentionally leaked in the first place?


PS – Here is when I confronted Mike Kensil at Media Day at the Superbowl and chased his sorry pathetic ass out of town.