"Stadium Creator" In MLB The Show '21 Might Be More Fun Than The Game Itself And I Cannot Wait To See What People Come Up With


I mean call me a nerd call me what you want, but this is fucking awesome. I love this. If you grew up playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, or would spend hours building the mansion of your dream on The Sims, than how could you not be a huge nerd for Stadium Creator? This is every 13 year old's dream come true.

I think everyone reading this is a sucker for stadium design, it's almost impossible not to be. Ever since Camden Yards was built and new baseball stadiums became more cool and innovative, I think everyone has become a huge fan of unique stadiums. Some are great, like the Astros with their train track, or the Giants with the Cove, or the Pirates which many consider the best stadium in baseball. Some are failures, like Miami, and apparently Comerica is a dud as well. But overall, who doesn't love new stadiums, and dreaming about what you would put in your park if you could build one? Well, now you can.

No, this is not an ad (though I would love a Playstation, I don't even have one but I think I would enjoy it), I'm just geeking out at the idea of building my own park. And since this is the first time they've had this, I bet the feature will be even better next year. I could see myself spending hours upon hours perfecting my stadium. And then I'll win the World Series at Eric Nathan Field, with Eric Nathan as the starting pitcher and cleanup hitter. Alright, I definitely need this game now.