Zuckerberg Has Now Copied Clubhouse, Adding "Live Rooms" To The Instagram Platform, Further Solidifying His Title As "The Most Hated Man In Tech"

Forbes- Instagram is increasing its emphasis on group livestreaming as the established social media giant and its rivals seek to better compete with surging newcomer Clubhouse.

Instagram users will now be able to use so-called Live Rooms to broadcast with as many as three other people. The new feature is meant to “open up more creative opportunities, such as starting a talk show or a podcast, hosting a jam session or cocreating with other artists, hosting more engaging Q&As . . . or just hanging out with more of their friends,” a company spokesperson says. Instagram’s previous livestream function allowed only two people to stream together.

More existentially, Instagram faces rising pressure from Clubhouse, a new social network that reached a billion-dollar valuation in less than a year. Instagram’s Live Rooms are a less-than-subtle copycat response to Clubhouse’s main feature. Clubhouse has Rooms, too, though its are audio-based, and they’ve proven a hit during lockdown, partly because the invite-only app carefully curated its early user base, collecting a mix of people from the tech and entertainment elite.

Clubhouse’s Rooms are much more expansive, allowing more active participants and making it easier to join as a speaker during a session.

 But this is unlikely the last iteration of Live Rooms from Instagram if it proves popular. It has been warring with TikTok with its user-generated Reels feed since last summer and has rolled out several updates to it, including an increase to how long a Reel can last.

Instagram is not alone in its race to beat back Clubhouse. Within the same company, Facebook is reportedly working on a Clubhouse competitor.

I know the vast majority of the people visiting this website couldn't care less about the social media technology wars but found this a good opportunity to highlight how ruthless, and reviled, Mark Zuckerberg, is. 

Read a pretty eye-opening article on him in Vanity Fair a couple years ago, titled “HE’S FUCKING DESTROYED THIS TOWN”: HOW MARK ZUCKERBERG BECAME THE MOST REVILED MAN IN TECH"

It basically said that he is so hell-bent on being king of the mountain and eliminating the competition of any sort, that he will pay any price to buy out competitors and then, either shelve their project, or release it as the Facebook's, and if they refuse to sell, he'll put up double the offered amount to fund his own project to beat them to market or just drown them. (Might be the most insecure, Harvardian thing ever)

It's exactly what he did to Snapchat. Remember when there was no Instagram Stories on Instagram? That came about because Snapchat posed too big of a threat, and after years of offering and begging to buy, Zuckerberg was turned down. So he beat them at their own game instead. 

Same thing with Instagram itself. He saw them as a threat to facebook so he paid a kings ransom for the company and absorbed it into facebook. 

Same thing with why he paid $3 Billion for virtual reality company Oculus.

And also the same thing with "Reels" which Instagram has been shoving down its users throats for months now to try and slow down TikTok.

I know there's a lot of Gordon Gekko's around these parts, who detest any semblance of anti-capitalism, but I'm interested to see if anybody comes to Zuckerberg's defense here. 

This entire "Live Rooms" vs. Clubhouse is a perfect microcosm of how Zuckerberg has not only climbed to the top but fought to stay there. Some of you might be wondering what the fuck Clubhouse even is. You may have heard of it a few months ago when Elon Musk interviewed Vlad from Robinhood over the Gamestop fiasco. It's basically an audio chatroom moderated by a host who can select others to speak and share thoughts, ideas, questions, opinions, etc. It's also invite-only (the facebook playbook). 

“He’s fucking destroyed this town,” the V.C. said over a macchiato at one of the many trendy coffee shops that only accept payment via smartphone or, if you must, a credit card. “Any time there’s an inkling of innovation here, any time a new idea comes up, Zuckerberg either buys it and shuts it down, or copies it and shuts it down anyway.” The venture capitalist, who has known Zuckerberg for more than a decade, said the problem with Facebook goes far beyond fake news. It’s as if the company has sucked the air out of Silicon Valley itself.


…Another investor described Zuckerberg and Facebook in their current instantiation as “frightening.” Still another said Zuckerberg shows “no self-awareness.” Even one of Zuckerberg’s senior-level employees confided in me recently that their boss shows little emotion and sometimes comes across as robotic. As tech journalist Charlie Warzel recently observed, “He’s CEO of Facebook and his political party is achieving sustained growth in active users, ad revenue, and market share…at basically whatever cost.”

Are just a few things that people who have made shit tons of money from Mark Zuckerberg's robotic brain have to say about Mark Zuckerberg. 

The guy is an android whose mission is to take over the world. Massive privacy class action lawsuits can't take him down, Congressional hearings can't stop him, he's on a warpath. And now he has Apple in his sights because they're the latest ones to piss him off.

 The Sun - ZUCKER-VISION Facebook’s new smart glasses ‘will TELEPORT you’ and even replace your iPhone, Mark Zuckerberg reveals. 

He told the publication: "Rather than calling someone or having a video chat, you just kind of snap your fingers and teleport, and you’re sitting there and they’re on their couch and it feels like you’re there together."

Zuckerberg thinks this tech could help reduce some of the negative impacts of travel such as reducing CO2 emissions.

Lol at helping the environment. 

Facetime is the fucking worst. I'm all set with somebody teleporting to my room Mark. 

Where does it end with this guy? I never got my JD so I'm definitely no antitrust law expert, but what the fuck are the points of monopoly and antitrust policy if they are never enforced? Wasn't the whole point of enacting them in the first place to prevent companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google from taking control of every aspect of our lives (which they have and continue to do) and stifling any competition? (The better question is, do our elected representatives in D.C. do anything?) 

Part of you wants to shake your head at what a dirtbag maniac Zuckerberg is but part of you feels the need to respect him at the same time. He's continually bending the rules in his favor and dominating anybody that gets in his way. 

Despite being possibly the biggest squid of all time, guy is a winner.