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What Are You Doing After You Find a Secret Murder Room Hidden Behind Your Bathroom Mirror?

A reasonable person might think that for $2,700 a month, your studio apartment in New York City would be a pretty nice, clean deal. I might have thought this once myself. But having now lived here for going on two years, I am not even surprised at this woman's discovery of a secret murder room nestled behind her shower.

People on Twitter are shocked by this, presumably because they have never spent time in a New York apartment. I would be willing to stake a large wager that something like this exists in my building that was built in 1900, I just don't go looking for it. The best way to live in NYC is in blissful ignorance. If you feel a strange wind coming from your bathroom, do not investigate.

But nope, this woman wants to go on in there for the additional clout of more TikTok likes. I at least respect the hustle. Wanna guess what she found?

That's right, there's an entire apartment hidden behind her bathroom mirror that some weird shit has definitely gone down in. There's a $4 bottle of water in there. Somebody has definitely been chilling in the unfinished murder lair. It was minus money that there would be a dead body in there, so this girl was extremely lucky. She's way too curious. My shit would have been packed up before anyone ever had the chance to go into that portal to hell.

The moral of the story is to never live in New York unless you have to. And if you do have to, never do too much digging into your apartment or you might end up in a real-life version of Candyman.