Jay Wright Telling The Country That Collin Gillespie's Knee Injury Is 'Serious' Was One Of The Saddest Interviews I've Ever Seen

Just brutal man. Collin Gillespie is a senior, the heart and soul of Nova's team and a likely All-Big East pick. Last night was his Senior Night and this happened: 

Not fucking good man. He immediately went down and grabbed his knee. I think everyone pretty much knew it wasn't great the moment it happened and was just hoping it'd be a hyperextension or something along those lines. But Jay Wright popping on the FS1 interview after the game and then again in his postgame press conference saying 'it's serious' confirms what will likely be some sort of tear. He's getting an MRI today so there's still hope, but you don't see that sort of emotion out of Wright unless he knows it's serious. 

Assuming the MRI shows what everyone is expecting what does this mean? First, the Big East Tournament would be WIDE open. I actually think UConn would be the favorite. You can currently get them at 3/1 on the Barstool Sportsbook. Since Nova won the Big East regular season that really opens up a path for the 4/5 seed. Seton Hall/Xavier can now make a run to the Big East finals and lock up a NCAA Tournament bid. 

I said it all along that I didn't think Nova could win a title with Gillespie as its best player. It really needed JRE/Moore to be the for sure best player on the team. You could win with him as the No. 2 or No. 3. But you can barely survive without him. It's sort of weird, Nova doesn't have a true backup lead guard. They actually ran JRE at the lead guard spot last night in the first half because Justin Moore was in foul trouble. JRE, is a big. Moore is better off the ball as he's from the Josh Hart prototype. They were able to hold off Creighton last night, but if this goes as expected Nova is in serious trouble. Just feel awful for a kid who had last year taken from him because of COVID and this year with an injury.