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'The Challenge: Double Agents' Ep. 12 Recap & Power Rankings - The CT Show Is Here, Big Brother Sucks

*Spoilers Obviously Ahead. Again, this is your warning* 

We're going to keep these blogs going. If we can't have No Quitters (RIPIP, send all complaints on Twitter) we're going to have the blog damnit. The Challenge is too damn good of a show to not be talked about. Each Thursday I'll drop one of these recaps and power rankings so we all can argue about America's fifth sport. Eddie, Clem and I hopped on Clubhouse last night to bring back some of the Alliance of No Quitters and we may start doing that more often on Wednesday nights. Download Clubhouse, follow barstoolreags. 

We got ourselves a twist! A security breach twist! 

So the cliffhanger from last week was this security breach. Last time we saw this it was bringing Ashley back because every other girl is leaving due to injury. This time? Well, I was down with this one. It was a double elimination. Needed something like that just to get this game going a bit. I still wish they would do a royal rumble elimination, put all the guys down there compete in one event, the bottom one or two leave, the top one gets to pick a new partner, etc. Anyways I liked the concept of this because we had Devin and Gabby already in the crater. TJ says that the team with the second most votes would be automatically sent down as well. Guess who that was? 

Fuck. Yes.

Devin's decision - good or bad? 

Devin who has been the MVP this season gets a gift here. CT looks at him and straight up asks who he wants to go against. That's how you help a friend out - looking at you Darrell. Devin had two options to me. He could go after Darrell who didn't have a skull or he could have went after Fessy/Leroy and tried to take out one of the bigger Big Brother alliance members. He goes for Darrell because he thinks Darrell is the reason he's down there. I didn't hate the decision. It wasn't a physical challenge. It was a puzzle challenge. Devin is the brains, he had a shot here. He just … choked. I get the idea to go after Darrell. There's no shame in losing to that man, he's on the Mt. Rushmore of Challenge contestants. I still think he should have went after Fessy or Leroy though. Fessy is quite literally part of an alliance called The Stupid Squad. You can beat him in a puzzle. 

Big Brother fucking sucks

I can't stress this enough, I hate the Big Brother group on the show. Shit, the show is turning more into Big Brother than The Challenge. For those of us who grew up watching this and still do because we're not real adults, we don't give a shit about the Big Brother game. We want to see drunken idiots argue and backstab. I don't care for what this is becoming. Fix it. Get entertaining people. At least Josh got his ass fucking handed to him by CT. It was pretty hilarious watching Josh attempt to swing in that harness and have zero idea how to do anything. Dude talks so much for being the least coordinated person in the world. I just miss the true Challenge ways. Hopefully this new Road Rules show on Paramount + gives us some new blood. 

I don't care that CT made Big T cry, A+ move, A+ celebration 

Hey Big T, welcome to the fucking Challenge. Guess what? This isn't a team game. This is about your own game and how do you fucking win a million bucks. CT has a skull, you don't. What happens when you win again or you take the house vote and TJ switches shit up and now CT has to do an elimination. It's a smart ass play to get away from Big T and take the leader of the Big Brother alliance in Kam. I probably would have went for Kaycee honestly because it would have kept Kyle and Kam together and Kyle was working with you. But there's no bad decision here. Big T crying and all that shit, it's a little old school Challenge but the idea that we were supposed to feel bad for Big T? FUCK THAT. 

CT just housing deli meats when talking shit to Kyle is terrifying

CT coming off the high of the win and now just housing some protein in your face? Nothing more terrifying. My top deli meats here would be: Prosciutto, some Boar's Head buffalo chicken and just a nice standard turkey deli meat. I couldn't stop laughing and just needed everyone else to see this image. 

Nam was electric, Nam said 4 words 

The rookies this year fucking suck except Nam. Eddie, Clem and myself were ALL IN on him. He delivered every line he had even if there were like 4. Shit this episode he was talking about competing as life or death. This guy is sleeping with the cell phone on loud ring so he doesn't miss the call to come back for next season. His back failed him. They teased this back injury for like 4 episodes and he just kept dominating. Fucking Nam. What a character. 

Power Rankings


6. Cory

5. Kyle

4. Fessy

3. Leroy

2. Darrell

1. CT


7. Big T

6. Nany

5. Aneesa

4. Gabby

3. Amber B.

2. Kam

1. Kaycee

Team Rankings

Big T is a rogue agent

6. Kyle/Nany

5. Cory/Gabby

4. Fessy/Aneesa

3.Darrell/Amber B.

2. Leroy/Kaycee

1. CT/Kam