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It's Honestly Quite Reckless That The NBA Hasn't Just Named Joel Embiid MVP Yet

Garrett Ellwood. Getty Images.

Find me one person who thinks they need to see any more this season to decide the MVP race and I'll show you a liar. This award belongs to Joel Embiid and the longer we wait to name him the best player in the league, the more time we are simply just wasting. 

The most clutch shot in the history of the game? Many are saying so. What a freak. 

And while he wasn't casually draining game extending shots, he was also moonlighting as an official this game. So he politely assisted the refs in T'ing up Donovan Mitchell. 

Good news for Mitchell, he got to beat the traffic on the way out of the stadium. 

Trailing by a few points in the final minute of overtime and selfishly getting yourself ejected from the game? Couldn't be EMVPiid. 

Also, Tobias Harris.