The Giants Get The Offseason Rolling By Cutting Golden Tate

Every Giants fan with a pair of eyes knew this move was coming after Tate's first two seasons of underwhelming production with Big Blue and anybody with a brain knew this move was coming after the Tate family expressed their frustration during the MNF loss to the Bucs.

Come at Danny Dimes you best not miss and come at Coach Judge's QB1 you best update your resume. 

The signing was mocked from the jump when Tate was the receiver the Giants signed right after the Odell trade when they already had a player like Sterling Shepard on the roster making plenty of money and only appeared worse the longer things went on. 

So thanks for the the memories Golden, namely a couple of cool touchdown celebrations, the time you fought Jalen Ramsey after last year's Rams game, and when you got suspended for four games because of PEDs before your first game as a Giant. Good times!

Throw in the Giants cutting David Mayo as well as whatever they do with Nate Solder's anchor of a contract and hopefully Gettleman's shopping spree this offseason is closer to his 2020 offseason than 2019.