Like A Scene Out Of A Movie SpaceX Successfully Launched And Landed A Spaceship Today (And Then It Blew Up) But It Looks AWESOME

I find this stuff fascinating. SN10 is Elon's prototype rocket that once they master, could potentially take civilians (rich ones, but still) to the Moon, Mars, or around the world in an hour. The possibilities are endless. They are still working out the kinks, as SN9 exploded last week. The goal is to launch and land a rocket safely, so one day you can have roundtrip flights on rocket ships, no matter if you're going to Mars or to visit Aunt Peggy in Florida. 

Everyone was very happy with SN10, as it launched and landed successfully, without blowing up. And look how cool it looked, like something out of Star Trek



But then.....disaster.



Oh dear. I mean it landed, there's no denying that. I saw it land. It's like having sex and finishing in 3 seconds, still had sex, can't take that away from ya. 

Did we witness history today or did we witness another rocket blow up? Yes, to both.

Also, amazing how rich Elon is that he can literally have a rocket blow up last week and he just flies another one today, which also blows up. Imagine having "don't care a spaceship blew up" money? Shiiiiiiiit.