Alabama's Home Run Chain Is The Must Have Accessory Of The Year

Turnover chains are so old and told, we're on to home run chains now. University of Alabama breaks this bad boy out when they go yaya. Look at the size of that thing too, it's massive. That is one way to send a message that you hit an absolute bomb. They're 8-1 on the season and seems like they've been passing out the chain a decent amount, 12 bombs in their 9 games. It's getting plenty of use. No better feeling on a diamond than absolutely lacing a ball over the wall, getting back to the dugout and throwing on an oversized "A". I love how it's okay for the kids in college to do it and have fun, but if this happened in the bigs someone would get a baseball thrown literally through their head. Like Brian McCann would violently puke if he saw this. But this is what I think we need more of, I love how much emotion and fun they have in college. Hell just send that A over a little bit and let Ronald Acuna Jr wear it in the dugout after his bombs for the Braves. Need more of this, can someone on the Terps get a diamond "M" or turtle shell? Lets see some more teams do stuff like this.