The Hand Sanitizer Cam Just Wants To Fuck


Gotta give credit to the horny man behind Hand Sanitizer Cam. You just know some graphic dude was testing this out behind the scenes and knew EXACTLY how it would look when put into motion, but the marketing whizzes were all like "yes, the perfect replacement for the Kiss Cam because we'll look so safe and forward thinking", and next thing they know....



So the question is, do they just move forward with Hand Sanitizer Cam? Or possibly team up with Minute Maid and do the Golden Shower Cam? The possibilities are endless. Let's not act like we're all so innocent. We saw Hand Sanitizer Cam and got steamed up. No need to backtrack now. Just change the name to Facial Cam and get sponsored by Brazzers, turn this into a marketing success story, don't axe it now.