How The Fuck Is The Salt Bae Dude Worth $69 Million Dollars?

The Sun - Nusret Gökçe broke the internet when a video of him flamboyantly sprinkling salt before slicing and dicing a steak went viral.

The Turkish chef shot to internet stardom, allowing him to expand his brand of steakhouses across the globe. The steak connoisseur is now worth almost £50million ($70 Million USD).

Gökçe opened his first Nusr-Et steakhouse in Istanbul in 2010.

The brand grew, and he opened restaurants across the Middle East, including in Ankara, Doha and Dubai.

It was then that Gökçe shot to viral internet fame - and it allowed him to open a total of 13 restaurants within the year, expanding into America and Greece.

Nusret is now the co-owner of steakhouse chain Nusr-Et (named after himself).

According to Turkish media, its a million-dollar empire with 400 employees.

This wasn't the fact I was looking to learn about today.

As much as I want to hate on Salt Bae out of jealousy, I gotta tip my cap. 

Turns out the guy came from pretty much nothing, has worked in steakhouses his entire life, caught a break of a lifetime with his whole viral moment. That should have been 15 minutes of fame but Salt Bae managed to stretch it into a few months and then parlay that into 12 locations around the globe-

  • Ankara
  • Bodrum
  • Marmaris
  • Istanbul
  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Doha
  • Jeddah
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Mykonos
  • Boston

The guy's even got magic powers. 

This past winter he opened his Boston location in the middle of Marty Walsh's campaign of terror over restaurants. Every single thing in the city was shut down indoors. Restaraunt wise. You could still go to the liquor stores, grocery stores, shopping malls, big box stores, ride public transit, fly, you just couldn't eat in a restaurant). 

But not Salt Bae. 

He not only had diners in his restaurant, he had a fucking real life Juvenile rap video taking place inside it.

After a few days of operating sans restrictions Marty and The Commonwealth dropped the hammer on him.

But even though I don't know one person that's visited one of his restaurants, it seems business is still thriving for this guy as his net worth figure is sky-high. Yes, I'm aware those are almost always incorrect, but even if he's worth 20% of that, that's still fuckin impressive for a weird guy who became famous for sprinkling salt like a sissy.


What does Salt Bae mean?

The word "bae" is colloquially used as a shortened version of the word "babe" or "baby".

However, despite Nusret's loving tendency towards his meat, the word "bae" is actually an acronym.

Salt Bae can be translated to 'Salt before anyone else".

ok pal.