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WandaVision's Director Said There Will NOT Be A Secret Bonus Episode Next Week, Which Is EXACTLY What He Wants You To Think

Screen Rant- It may seem like WandaVision almost has too much on its plate to cover in one episode, leading fans to think that the series planning a secret tenth episode to wrap up all the loose ends, but Shakman told SR that that is not the case. The director reveals that he had yet to hear the theory of a secret tenth episode, but goes on to joke that, if there is one, he has no idea who would've directed it. Shakman says that there is a Making of WandaVision  special coming, but that they will be wrapping up the show this Friday.

Every Thursday, I feel like my feed is filled with so much WandaVision fan theory. One that I stumbled upon just recently, was that there’s a possibility that there’s a secret 10th episode? Have you heard this theory at all?

Matt Shakman: No, I haven’t heard this theory. No.

We know WandaVision is super meta with everything that it does. But is there a chance that there’s a hidden 10th episode for the series?

Matt Shakman: Gosh, I wonder who would’ve directed it. But we’ll see. I know there was a Making Of episode the following week, so there’s some continuing WandaVision in the Disney+ world the following week. But we’re wrapping up our show.

Oh Matty, Matty, Matty. You have to wake up pretty early in the morning to try to sneak one past us WandaVision internet sleuths considering our simp asses are awake at 3 AM to watch the show then dive into Reddit head first to consume every conspiracy theory instead of going back to bed. We had Agnes pegged as Agatha Harkness back when your show was in black & white long before you dropped that banger of a theme song on our heads, knew Director Hayward was sus af before he showed an ounce of douchiness, and are patiently waiting for the Mephisto reveal (don't worry, we'll act surprised when it happens). Of course you don't want to admit that there is a secret episode because then by definition it would no longer be a SECRET.

I know you and all of your people have done a great job planting seeds that will bloom into beautiful flowers either by the end of the season or in future MCU shows/movies. But we know Marvel doesn't do anything by accident and that heart of the 10th is about to turn into a plant that wakes us up for some early morning lovin'.

In fact, this deflection along with a preposterous amount of loose ends only makes me believe in the secret episode even more, which I already geeked out about with the LCB fellas on last week's WandaVision recap.

So nice try Matty boy.  See you at 3 AM next Friday morning yet again and welcome to the Sus List where you are currently number 1 on my Mephisto suspects.

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h/t Riley