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The Barstool Fund - Edwards Market

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Edwards Market is where people can break bread, share stories, celebrate, conduct meetings, and enjoy fabulous dining, in the heart of Granville, New York. The restaurant is located in Washington County, New York, on the New York/ Vermont border.



Reader Email

Hi there,

I operate Edwards Market of Granville ny. We are a cafe/ pizza (best pizza in the Adirondacks in mg opinion) and restaurant. We built a restaurant 3 years ago attached to the deli cafe space and it took off as well. We are currently down a lot in sales. Restaurant is closed to 2 days a week and I am scraping the barrel to make ends meet. I’m constantly in the red and running out of solutions. We have been in business for 7 years here. We are the only operation in town that has this sort of following. Our customers have been beyond great during all this but it has not been enough. I have watched this place lose it’s unbelievable catering business during this. Sold out catering van to make ends meet. I’m from Long Island and grew up in this industry and never saw anything like this. My numbers continue to scare me into closure. We have sunk tens of thousands of dollars into just breaking even at times. We’re on our last limb. A place were locals would be able to go for a sponsor or a benefit or anything really. We are so involved in our community I’m worried for them. When Covid struck we posted free pizza for all students who needed and they came in by the dozens. More and more each day. They need me here as much as I need them. At times I wonder if not more. We stocked up on toilet paper and groceries and whatever else we could. We delivered to the seniors during this to attempt to keep things going and keep them safe. I am a huge part of our little town. And if I could get some help I’d use it on payroll , keeping the lights on , paying off a food vendor who’s been so patient waiting for the money I owe. And I would pay it forward like you have no idea. Dave. I’m desperate. Not personally. But for the business. I’ve gotten through so many obstacles. But this I can’t beat alone. I hope to god you read this. 

Tommy Festa