I Had One Of The Most Confident (Wrong) Answers In Dozen Trivia History


Here's the thing: I have no regrets about this celebration. Was I wrong? Sure. Was it in a field I should know, good bad movies featuring The Rock? Absolutely, that's my bread and butter. But I will never apologize for taking advantage of a fleeting moment of joy. One time my friends and I were doing scratch-offs and thought we won 700k, we lost our minds hugging and screaming for the next 30 seconds before someone picked up the ticket and saw we actually won zero dollars. It's still one of the happiest moments of my life. This is now the second. Both times left me with nothing to show for it, but you'll never take that instant of pure bliss from me. I eventually would've spent that money and this match would've ended, but I'll still have that bit of joy with me on my death bed.


If you haven't watched it yet, we faced Minihan, Jared, and Steve in an intense battle on this week's episode of The Dozen. Watch the full episode here: