Hundreds Of Baylor Fans Showing Up To The Airport At Midnight To Celebrate Them Winning The First Conference Title In 71 Years Is Flat Out Awesome

Just shout out Baylor fans man. Actually, shout out Scott Drew. I will argue that he has done the best rebuilding job of any person in sports. Think about where Baylor was when he took over. Dave Bliss, an all-time piece of shit, covered up the murder of one of his players by a teammate. Somehow that doesn't get talked about enough. Just an absolutely insane story. At the same time Bliss was paying players AND tried to paint Patrick Dennehy as a drug dealer. Again, just a complete piece of shit guy. 

Drew took over where he was only allowed to have 7 scholarship players. They weren't allowed to play non-conference games in 2005-06. They had a postseason ban. Simply put, why would anyone want to go to Baylor? In his fifth year Drew had Baylor at 21-11 and in the NCAA Tournament. That alone is a ridiculous achievement based on where the program was. He's made 7 Tournaments since then, would have been a 1 seed last year and will be a 1 seed this year. He's made two Elite Eights and two more Sweet 16s. Doesn't sound like a lot, but we're talking about Baylor here. 

Fast forward and last night they won the first conference title in 71 years. SEVENTY ONE YEARS. Just an asinine number. And I'll tell you what the shot of normalcy of seeing college kids, fans, come together and greet a team at the airport is what I needed. That's how I know it's March. That's how I know we're about to see some shit in college basketball. Sure, airports suck. Airport beers (err, termies) are awesome. But the stress of parking, going through security, waiting in line just to sit in this cramped tube in the sky? No thank you. But partying at the airport? Sign me up for that. Then again, I'm not sure what the hell else there is to do in Waco besides check in on Chip and Joana Gaines. Seems like this is option 1.