A Lucky Lady In Thailand Found A Chunk Of Whale Vomit That Could Be Worth More Than $250,000

(Source)- A 49-year-old woman from Thailand, Siriporn Niamrin, found whale vomit worth almost £186,500 ($260947.07) while walking near her beach house on February 23. Niamrin found the vomit while taking a stroll along the beach after a rainstorm, washed up on the coast of Nakhon Si Thammarat province in southern Thailand.

When Niamrin inspected the mass, she found that it smelled like fish. Unaware of what the mass was, she brought it back home with her. After speaking to her neighbors, she discovered that the oval-shaped mass was whale vomit which is also called ‘ambergris’.

Niamrin’s neighbor then informed her that the smell emanating from the almost 15lb weighing mass could indicate that it’s a genuine piece of ambergris, hence, to check its authenticity, they held a naked flame to the 12 inches wide and 24 inches long mass which caused it to melt and then harden again after cooling down.

Some people have all the luck, huh? While I'm here grinding away trying to get some honest smut in front of peoples' eyeballs, Siriporn (sidenote: Awesome name) hit the jackpot by finding some whale puke on a casual Tuesday stroll at the beach. I already have a hard enough time understanding how Bitcoins, Gamestop stock, and NBA highlights are becoming the new age precious metals. However, finding out that a ball of regurgitated fish and plankton guts that some lightweight giant mammal spit up because it was overserved is worth a quarter million dollars officially broke my brain and my soul. What's even the point of working for stupid shit like money anymore if people are becoming rich off of something you can't hold or wouldn't want to touch if your life depended on it? At least the reason why whale puke is worth so much makes sense when you break it all down.

Ambergris, a solid waxy substance which originates in the intestine of the sperm whale, is used for medicines and potions and as a spice in eastern cultures. In western cultures, the same substance is used to stabilize the scent of fine perfumes.  

Fresh ambergris is black and soft and has an unpleasant odour. When it is exposed to sun, air, or seawater, this substance hardens and changes colour, fading to light gray or yellow and in this process develops a pleasant fragrance.

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This feels like in Fight Club when they steal the fat, use it to make soap, and then sell it back as a fancy brand to the rich. I've come to grips that I am too dumb to make money in the stock, crypto, or Top Shot markets. But maybe getting a shack near a beach, loading the water with tequila-infused chum and striking it rich in the whale vomit market is the life I was meant to live.