Not Sure What's Crazier About This Viral Clip: Zion Respecting The Guy Clapping In His Face Or That The Kid Is About To Play Division I Basketball

One of the most viral and famous Zion clips comes with him getting fouled. Shit it barely has anything to do with him. Meet Bryson Bishop, No. 10 and the guy who might have the more confidence than anyone in the world. You don't just check in, clap up and get ready to D up Zion. Not in high school. But guess what? This is a WIN for ole Bryson Bishop here. Guess who didn't get dunked on? Bryson Bishop didn't get dunked on. Guess who is also about to play Division I basketball? 

Arguably more impressively he even impressed Zion with his display of confidence here: 

Hilarious that that team was Zion's rival in high school. I assume this is who everyone thinks Gonzaga plays when in the WCC. Just beating the shit out of them by 30 in the 3rd quarter and having Bryson Bishop be the Zion stopper. Didn't work out too hot. You can't tell me the name Bryson Bishop and this face doesn't sound/look like the bad kid in a Disney movie: 

Zion's gotta be the nicest person in the world. Saying he respected Bryson for clapping in his face to try and fire up his team. Shit, him settling for a jumper instead of just dunking directly on his head, something Zion did quite often in high school. 


PS: I know Charleston Southern is for Southern Baptist but my dumb brain hates that it's not in the southern part of Charleston.