Dylan Cozens Is A Rookie And Might Throw The Heaviest Right Bombs In The League

There aren't a ton of NHLers who have come out of Canada's Northern Territories over the years. You have Geoff Sanderson hailing from the Northwest Territories. You have Jordin Tootoo who spent the majority of his childhood in Nunavut. And now you have Dylan Cozens. The Workhorse from Whitehorse, hailing from Yukon. 

So while there may not be a lot of guys who come out of the territories and break into the NHL, the few that do? Well holy shit, bud. Between Tootoo and what we saw out of Cozens last night, they'll beat the fucking brakes off of you. 

The moment he hit the eject button on those gloves it was bombs away. A top 10 draft pick. A kid who just put up 8 goals and 16 points in 7 games during the past World Juniors. When his gloves are on, his hands are pure silk. But apparently once they come off, he's working with a couple of cinderblocks. If I were Bauer, I'd get on that as my next glove advertising campaign. 

Unfortunately for Buffalo, that was the only fight the team put up all night. Went into the 3rd period down a goal and managed to just put up 5 shots on net in the final 20 minutes. Granted, the Rangers only put up 3. But that makes it even more embarrassing for Buffalo. The Rangers are equally as dog shit and they still couldn't do anything about it. 

Kevyn Adams should take that $8M he's paying Taylor Hall right now and send it all directly to Cozens' bank account. Taylor Hall checking in with 0 goals and 3 assists in the month of February. Hasn't scored a goal since the first game of the season. Hall stealing $8M. Skinner stealing $9M. Good god it's worse in Buffalo right now than its ever been before. 

P.S. - Bonus fight. Not a great fight but an awesome camera angle.