Is Yoenis Cespedes Going To Get Signed After His Showcase Workout?

Well, well well. Look what we have here. Last we had heard from Yoenis Cespedes he went missing in Atlanta after not showing up for a game with the Mets last season before he decided to opt out of the season due to Covid. Well it looks like he's got that itch to play again and hosted a showcase yesterday down in Florida. The 35 year-old was trying to show he still has some stuff left in the gas tank. He's battled multiple foot, heel and ankle injuries for the past few years and since 2017 has only played in 127 games. 127!! An aging slugger with foot problems is not an ideal candidate for an outfield spot or guy off the bench if you ask me. But you can't deny the guy draws a crowd. 

When he connects the ball goes a long way, the bat flies up, and the camera bulbs go off. That's why 11 teams were represented yesterday at his workout. Some of those teams being the Yankees, White Sox, Padres, Braves, Rays, Blue Jays, and Cubs. They saw Yo shag fly balls and take some hacks for almost an hour. Kind of interesting that some of the better NL teams were there, like I said the guy is 35, has had terrible history with feet and ankle injuries, isn't the best runner anymore, and you don't have a DH spot. Seems perfect for a DH role in the AL. 

He'll come cheap and can bring the boom if he's healthy, thats just a huge "if". Is it work the risk of him not showing up to a game if he gets benched? Maybe not. Is it a low risk, high reward? Possibly. Who knows how much he has left, with an expanded roster maybe a team can stash him on the bench for a few days a week, let him take some hacks as a DH and see where it goes. Doesn't seem to be any glowing reports coming from the workout, at least not like his first workout, that was a masterpiece. But it seems like he doesn't wanna go down without giving this one last shot, 2020 left a bad taste in his mouth.