Is Throwing 103 MPH In Your Spring Training Debut Good? Reds #2 Prospect Hunter Greene Thinks So

Get used to hearing the name "Hunter Greene" for a while. #2 overall pick out of high school in 2017, guy was a stud with the bat and on the mound. He got Tommy John in March of 2019, missed all of 2020 obviously too, so this is his first ever spring training game. So what does he do? Come out and CHUCK HEAT. First four pitches 101, 102, 103 and 103. David Fletcher being the beast that he is got bat on ball on the 103 MPH fastball and was able to get a hit from it, but holy shit thats still impressive to be throwing that kind of heat. He had to have been so jacked up to be back out on a mound and fully healthy. That pop he made was legit sexual. Just sounds different when you're over 100. And yes, I know the first pitch was a ball, but 101 is 101. 

I know it won't last, but just imagine if he comes out throwing darts at 102 every start. He could be an absolute filthy weapon on the bump for Cinci. He's still a few years away from the bigs, so I will pray for every AA or AAA guy that has to face these cheddar down on the farm. Just the fact that he is healthy is the best part though, now lets hope he can stay healthy and we see him in the bigs soon because he is going to be an absolute animal.