The Washington Football Team Could Be In A Good Position To Get Deshaun Watson


As it stands, the Texans have to trade Deshaun Watson. He told them to their faces that he will not play for them, even if there's a fire. It's a battle of leverage right now- Deshaun certainly is not going to retire if the Texans refuse to trade him, and Houston knows that. He also won't sit out 5 years or anything like that. But at the same time, if you can get a major haul for a guy, a ton of draft capital, and start rebuilding your shmashortion of a team, you have to sigh, wash your hands of it, and start the rebuild. It's shitty, for sure, to lose Deshaun, but the Texans deserve it. Between Bill O'Brien and Jack Easterby, they have done themselves exactly zero favors and now are paying the price for all their boneheaded decisions.

So the question then becomes, where is Deshaun headed? Accord to McClain on NFL, 5 teams have called inquiring about a trade, none of which are the WFT. Gotta assume the Jets, Dolphins, Niners, Panthers...Cowboys (gotta assume Jerry would at least call). There's always dark horses and teams out of nowhere looking to make big moves, but the report says Washington has not called yet.

And I'm fine with that.

The way I see it, the more time that passes, the cheaper Deshaun becomes. Free agency is about to begin, and then a QB heavy draft that could see 5 QBs go in the top 10 (Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, Jones, Lance). If all the teams in need of a QB decide they would rather roll the dice on one of those guys instead of paying an arm and a leg for Watson, that's great for Washington. Fewer teams involved in the QB market means the cheaper the trade value becomes. I hope the Jets decide to go QB. I hope the Dolphins decide Tua is the man for the job. The Niners scare me a little, but Carolina doesn't. So this leaves the door open for Washington.

I've long said, look, we have wasted many first round picks on bad QBs. Why not just trade 3 now (and some mid-rounders) and not even have to worry about that again for the next 10 years? It makes perfect logical sense to me. We can't go through another Haskins debacle. And trading for Watson would make sure of that. Plus, this team is built to win NOW. The defense will have to all get paid soon, so a piece or two will be leaving. McClaurin and Gibson are beasts. Logan Thomas is only getting better. This team is a Deshaun Watson away from a Super Bowl. Plus, he gives the WFT that instant-credibility we have been craving for so long, that we thought we had with RG3. 

It's a no-brainer to me, trade for Deshaun Watson.