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Mangia Mangia is famous not only for their fresh homemade pasta, but also for creating a nourishing meal that envelops you by sight, smell and taste.



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Since 1989, our corner in Old Town Key West has been a local's place where customers and team members feel like family. We make our own pasta, including gluten free pasta, sauces and special Key Lime Pie. We are a lighthouse to the community and to our employee's, most of whom has been employed here since 1989. The owners, that's my family and I, live upstairs. We have lived and owned Mangia since 2005 when we bought it from the previously family, who I met through working with their children. I care deeply about the ingredients being wholesome and fresh, abundant, and fairly priced because I feed the community that is our home and my family and I eat here. We have stayed open and kept our employees working everyday. It is our commitment to these amazing people and to our town, to remain open. We both work additional jobs to supplement and assure the business stays afloat. It's not been easy and we are exhausted! Thank you for considering helping us.