Was This Calgary Flames Warm Up The Drunkest Hockey Warm Up Of All Time?

Have you ever gotten up on a Saturday morning and completed all the chores around the house you had to do early in the day? Maybe you go for a quick workout when you wake up, you clean up around the house when you get back, you take care of some shit in the yard, and by the time noon rolls around you're feeling pretty accomplished about your day. So a college football or basketball game is about to get started and you crack open your first beer. You think you're already done everything you had on the schedule today so these beers are starting to flow like water. By the time the 3:30 games start, you are feeling LOOSE. 

Then your wife comes down and tells you to get ready for that 1-year-old's birthday party you have to go to for her friends. You don't even have enough time to figure out why anybody has a birthday for a 1-year-old in the first place. Your ass is firmly in the jackpot. You're drunk and you have to figure out a way to become a functioning adult fast before you embarrass the shit out of yourself. 

Has that ever happened to you? Because that's what it looked like for the Calgary Flames during these warmies. It looks like the boys thought they had the day off. Maybe with so many games in the NHL getting rescheduled this season, they were looking at an old schedule and didn't realize they had a game to play that night. So the fellas got all liquored up during the day until they got a call from coach an hour before puck drop trying to figure out why nobody was at the rink yet. So they rush over to the rink, get changed as quickly as possible, and that right there was the exact type of warm up you'd expect to see out of a team that blasted. Guys falling all over the place, Johnny Hockey catching Monahan with a stray backhand, just a total gongshow in every sense of the word. 

And if you were wondering if it got any better for the didn't. They lost 5-1. 

P.S. - Calgary is dog shit this year. The least they can do is trade Johnny Gaudreau to the Flyers and get him out of there. Maybe for Justin Braun and a 3rd round pick.