The National Guard Command Is Aware That The Troops Have Worms, Metal Shavings, And Raw Meat In The Meals But Are Either Incompetent Or Dont Give A Fuck

I wrote about this story last week. On Friday night, I received a few messages that said the Sergeant Major in charge of one of the units acknowledged and apologized for the lack of basic human decency being thrown on the plates of the Nation Guard Soldiers. The command bought the troops pizza, wings, and even a few beers. Fast forward to the last two days, things are back to where they were and now there's a video of the worms in the food. 

Problems overseas can take a while to reach the desks of congresspeople, higher levels of command at the Pentagon, or even the Resolute Desk of the President. Despite being just minutes away, there is not one single elected official doing nearly enough for these people who voluntarily uprooted their lives to protect the longstanding tradition of the Peaceful Transfer of Power. 

Politicians and those with stars or several stripes down on their uniforms can pay lip service to the men and women wearing the uniform. They can give long pejorative speeches about the failure of the other side of the aisle regarding respecting the troops and their sacrifice for the country. Leading isn't about speeches. It isn't about elections. Leading is about doing the right thing. Someone- anyone needs to get this shit right because what is happening in DC is flat out wrong. 

President Biden talks about bipartisan cooperation. There's no better or fucking easier time for that than right now.