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Big Brain Thinking: Nate Oats Has No Time For All This Old-Fashioned Garbage, Alabama Practices With A 4-Point Line

[CBS] - "I think a lot of people don't get it," Oats told CBS Sports. "Some coaches think you can't play fast and still be great on D. Well, no. You can. Offensive pace shouldn't dictate defensive effort." 

"Modern basketball, you're not catching a ball and putting it on your hip and staring at the defense for five seconds before you do anything. That's not how basketball's played anymore," Oats said. "But I'm sure dad, uncle, grandpa, professional skills trainer, you're gonna do all this mid-range, triple threat, all this old-fashioned garbage."

Damnit Nate Oats is making me fall in love with his style. Look at that quote. The whole putting the ball on your hip and staring at the defense is true. It's old-fashioned garbage. There's a reason teams are so good and it's playing an uptempo style that is based on attacking and not letting the defense get set. There's a reason the mid-range shot is the worst in sports. It doesn't mean you can't take some if they are open, but settling for mid-range shots and long 2s is just incredibly stupid. Trust me, I watch way too much Kentucky this year. That's ALL they take. It sucks. 

Real question is why stop at 4? If you didn’t love when the 25 and 50-point baskets were lowered in Rock N Jock Basketball, you hate fun and America.  Pure and simple.  And when someone hit a shot into one of those baskets, the crowd would go fucking WILD. Give us one game with real basketball players playing Rock n Jock style. At the minimum do it for Midnight Madness and broadcast it for the world to see. Rock n Jock was awesome. 

Now I'll be honest. I have no idea what the 4 point line does here in practice. There is no such thing as a 4 point shot ... yet. There have been crazier ideas across the sport. Shit, the reaction when they instituted the 3-point line is STILL met with insane thoughts. People lose their shit if they see a team shoot a bunch of threes like it's a bad thing. I'm not necessarily advocating for a 4-point shot or anything like that. I'm just not going to be surprised if we see it at some point in our lifetime. 

It's hard not to love Oats. Whether he makes fun of K: 

He called out Deandre Ayton and Arizona a year after he beat them at Buffalo

He trolled a player from Auburn: 

And now he's going to piss off all the old people and old ways of thinking. Fuck, he's awesome. Nothing bothers me more than hearing people talk about how there's too many threes or teams playing too fast. It's not 1990 folks. Plus, like Oats said, Bama has a top-5 defense in efficiency metrics. They are fucking awesome on that side of the ball, even scores don't make it seem that way. Oh not to mention, most of all, it's working. Bama is going to be a top-2 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Hard to argue with that.