BBC Earth Video Of The Day - Polar Bears Are No Match For Walruses

Watching that video was the same feeling of jubilation I enjoyed when the Giants won the Super Bowl (twice). Just rooting and fist bumping for the underdog walruses to come out on top against the heavily-favored big bad polar bear. Not to mention I’m also an avid fan of walruses...Last week I actually drunkenly customized a Yeti Thermose with a picture of a Walrus on it & I CANNOT WAIT for it to arrive.

Anyways we’re here to celebrate the victory of those specific walruses, not my cup with a picture of a walrus. It’s not always easy to fend off one of the continent’s largest carnivores that hasn't eaten in MONTHS(!!!), but boy did they do it. As someone with thick skin myself it was nothing short of beautiful to see those Walruses use their blubber for their own good. That on top of taking the battle to their own turf (the ocean) was genius stuff. 

And how about the fearlessness from the mom protecting her child around 1:40? Move over Carol Brady...there’s a new mom in town and it’s Walrus Mom. My only complaint would have to be the lack of tusks usage. Are Walruses simply just not aware they have sharp tusks? Cause I could totally see those big lovable idiots simply not knowing.