I Have Nothing But Respect For This Doctor That Showed Up For His Court Case On A Zoom Call While In The Operating Room

What a move by Mr...excuse me Dr. Green. This is why you lift all those med school textbooks! Doctors don't just study their asses off for years and go into a comical amount of debt to help other humans because there could be a big old pile of money at the end of their journey. They do it for the power. You know what's the closest thing to a Get Out Of Jail Free card that exists? A doctor's note. The only thing that trumps being able to write said note is to get a pass out of whatever you are doing if you are wearing scrubs, a mask, and some gloves. Nobody, not even the Judge in his own courtroom, is going to stand between a doctor and his duty. If you were the patient of Dr. Green sitting on the operating table, I don't think you can even be mad that he is using his fancy job to get out of a court appearance simply because he earned that right.

Shit, if I was a doctor I would install a couple of those big ass surgery lights in my house along with a machine that makes a sucking sound so I could get out of anything by Facetiming in that room with some scrubs on. Granted, if I had anywhere near the brainpower to become a doctor, I would probably focus on people's health instead of scams to get out of meetings or court appearances. But any doctor that doesn't use their fancy job title to get out of life's inconveniences is actually the dumb one. Or the honorable one. Tomayto, tomahto.

h/t Mike