Nature Video Of The Day: Impala Escapes A Crocodile's Death Grip And You'll Never Guess What Happens Next!!!

I got some beef with Kruger Sightings this morning. It's one of my go-to sources of entertainment when I'm taking my morning dump and after watching the entirety of the video and knowing what was going to happen, I'm taking it upon myself to add a clickbait title for them. Nevertheless... what a tough break for ol impala pup here. I say pup because he looks (looked?) nice and chill and I think I would have pet him if he weren't dead.

Real talk though - what we canNOT have here are crocs and alligators working in cahoots for their meals. That's too powerful of an alliance. How in the fuck was this impala supposed to survive this one? It was either death by drowning or death by getting your throat caved in from the iron jaws of a leopard. I honestly can't decide which would be the better (worse?) way to go out, but gun to head I'm taking the latter as it seems like it might be quicker. That, and the impala was under water for a duration of the video and getting wet is the worst. Add that to the whole drowning factor and I think I'm taking the crushed esophagus. 

Yep, I just talked myself into it. I think. I don't know. What I do know is that the impala got a raw deal here.

I've posted Kruger Sightings videos plenty of times before. This one was solid enough as it got me through a nice double tapered rat this morning, so it did it's job. If you like this kinda nature content too, I highly recommend subscribing to Kruger Sightings. Here's a 16 min video of their best sightings of 2020. Perfect for your morning dump. Enjoy!